Amazon Will Let Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Delivery Business and Earn Up to $300,000 a Year

Amazon has launched a brand new opportunity for Entrepreneurs. The new program will allow individuals with no logistics experience to operate a fleet of Amazon delivery vehicles.  Read more about this new opportunity here. 

Source: Amazon Will Let Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Delivery Business and Earn Up to $300,000 a Year

new generation of convenienceIf you own a business you may be finding that there has been a drastic shift in what our new generation of customers are looking for.  The internet has increasingly changed the way we purchase our products.  People are looking for tech savvy companies that offer products and services of convenience.

Amazon has pioneered the new digital age shopping experience offering an easy shopping platform,  the fastest delivery available and a great return policy.  They have eliminated any concerns of purchasing goods or services online. While working customer service with the Company, many of the phone calls that came in were from the elder generation wanting to order for the convenience but initially needed a live person to answer questions and help walk them through ordering for the first few times.  Amazon leads and encourages customers to handle orders and returns themselves online by making it easy to do. That is why you don’t easily find a customer service number. This has changed even the older not very tech savvy customers to learn how to order online.  One of the services that customers really appreciated was their subscribe and save service where customers can set up an auto-ship of their desired schedule for products that they use on a regular basis, like supplements, bottled water, nutrition drinks, toiletries, etc. Once they try it they absolutely love the convenience of not having to search for the items at a local store and not having to physically go out to shop. They quickly find that they are saving time and energy from having to lift heavy objects or even having to leave their home. I remember an older customer that called in to ask a question about how to change her auto-ship order she shared that she could find her favorite drinks on Amazon but they were not available in her small town. This was such a convenience for her. Most of the  older generation of customers were using tablets or desktop computers to order. They quickly find out how easy and convenient it is and can’t live without it. Resent research conducted on Facebook reported that mobile phones are now the main source of searching and ordering online.

The days of calling in an order and even shopping in the stores are going away. It is so much easier to search on your devices and in minutes you have placed an order without talking to a person or having to put in much effort. Your orders are delivered quickly and right at your door. The same goes for new generation of grocery delivery service. Many people need to have their groceries delivered.  My daughter had two small children and being a single working mother, she didn’t have time to grocery shop. It was hard taking two babies to grocery shop. She started using a local grocery delivery service which picked up her items that she chose online and delivered them at her door. It is an amazing service that is growing each day.  Business owners need to get creative and figure out how they can offer their services and goods for the new digital shopping generation.

If you are offering services, it is wise to set up online ordering for your services and appointment setting.  Many businesses will be passed over for one that is set up in a way to offer convenience.  Amazon even offers services at a click of a button. I purchased a set of tires and was able to choose a local service install them. I liked that I could set my installation appointment and payment in advance. I knew that there were no surpise on the cost.  I was also able to read the reviews of the service provider and make a good decision without guessing as previous local tire installations have been for me a nightmare. This was very convenient. I have found online shopping to save me time and money. I can make educated shopping decisions and I am finding that I very seldom go into a local store to shop.

Customers of all ages are looking for convenience, and if you want to remain in business, you will adjust now.

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