Castroville artist brings Mexican culture to greeting cards

Jesus Ruvalcaba, 39, has begun his own greeting card business that draws inspiration from his upbringing in Mexican culture.

I will be featuring entrepreneurs on this blog each week.  I am especially partial to greeting cards since previously being in the greeting card industry for twelve years. I wish him much success! My mind is flowing with so many creative marketing ideas for him. He has been featured on various media channels.  I have provided a link to one of the articles written about Ruvalcaba below. I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and use your talents!

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Source: Castroville artist brings Mexican culture to greeting cards

How to turn Google Assistant into a powerful list-making machine


list google assistant.jpg

I am really good at making list. My issue is the frustration of losing them or forgetting where I put them.  I spend time and effort in making all kinds of list,  but can’t locate them when I need them.  This sounds so ridiculous in print but it is a real issue for me as I have gotten older.  I have tried all kinds of techniques but so far the only thing that has worked is post-it notes and my phone.  The idea of a 4 hour work week would be awesome but that hasn’t happened in my life.  So I am always trying to find ways to save time and work more efficiently.  If you want to check this technique out you will find a link below.  It is pretty easy to do and only takes a few minutes to set up  You will learn how to keep a running daily list simply by speaking to your Google Assistant. The list could be about anything: project ideas, to-do-style tasks, or whatever else you would like the Assistant to log for you. You will be able to add to your list throughout the day — on any device with Google Assistant, use your phone, a Google Home, a Pixelbook, etc. — and at the end of the day, you’ll get a nicely organized email with all of that day’s spoken additions. The possibilities are endless.

Ready to get started?

In just a few minutes you will be able to teach your Google Assistant an incredibly useful trick.

Know any helpful tips, techniques, or the latest technology? Sharing is caring. Post them in the comments.

You will find the post link below.

Source: How to turn Google Assistant into a powerful list-making machine

Can Algorithms Affect Your Emotions? What Has Social Data Gathered About You?

In the past year, I have learned a lot about social media marketing, algorithms, Running ad campaigns, and studying social data. It has opened my eyes to the vast amount of data that is available to the public about our behaviors and patterns. Machine-learning algorithms learn to understand the characteristics of people.

The next class that I am taking is about AI.  Real-world problems are being solved with applications of intelligence, for example, self-driving cars, face recognition, web search, industrial robots, missile guidance, and tumor detection.

 Tonight I was searching Ted Talks and ran across a very thought-provoking speech that I would like to share with you. As I listened to this, I thought about what type of social data have I created.   What do these machines know about me? It actually made me laugh because the machines know that I love recipes and what I love to eat. It knows that I conduct business online and that I love Amazon!  It knows that I am online almost 24/7. All that is fine by me, but I don’t like that knows all about my sleep patterns and that I rarely sleep. I wonder if they hear me snore?  If you have a mobile phone, fire stick, or a computer with speakers, I would say yes to that question. A couple of years back my computer spoke to me. This was when Google first began the “Okay, Google” feature.  I wasn’t aware of this new feature and was having a conversation with my daughter. We both then realized that Google was listening to our conversation when it responded back with an answer as we sat there in shock and amazement.

When you think about how this information can be used it is disturbing. Insurance companies can use this information to increase my rates. They know my driving patterns, lifestyle patterns,  and if I have healthy habits.   This data knows me better than anyone including my Mother!  It gathers everything that I have searched and typed on the internet. Even the things I have deleted. Yes, it is all stored.  The social apps can hear everything that you do all day and night unless you turn these devices off.  Most of us don’t turn off our mobile devices. Social apps have you agree to give them all of this data in order to use their websites. Google knows everything about me including a GPS map of all the places I have been in the past year. I know this because it sent me a summary via email and frankly it freaked me out. Mainly due to safety issues. How could they be keeping tabs on all of the places I have been? Well, they do.

I am sharing this video with you so that you can better understand this technology. Please share your thoughts and any links you may know of that would be of interest to our audience.




10 Social Media Tips To Take Network Marketers To The Top

SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS10 tips for network marketers book cover

Social media has changed the way we market our businesses. I started in my first network marketing company forty years ago. Things have gotten so much easier. But you must know the latest techniques so that you will know how to network properly using social media.

How many times do you get a message about a business opportunity or product on social media? There is a way to do it and have customers and prospects coming to you.

You don’t want to sell and you don’t have to.

You don’t want to use your social media accounts to market in a way that makes you annoying to your friends.

Most companies are still teaching new marketers the old way of marketing the business.

Each platform offers a goldmine of leads and prospects but you must learn the new way to market or you will set people running for the hills.

Don’t lose another prospect. You need to know the new way to market.  My booklet will give you the edge on how to get going and how to excel your way to the top faster than ever before.  You can get this now before it is published on Amazon here> 

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