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Being a Founding Partner isn’t just a “ground floor” opportunity, it is also about being part of a fun social community.  Learn how I use my mobile phone and laptop to earn income. I am able to work when I want from any place I choose. That is important to me.  

I recently discovered A new Product line that launched this past July. When I found out that I could earn income as a founding partner, in addition to the compensation plan,  I knew it was going to be huge!  This was a way to bring my income to a whole new level unlike any other way I could possibly achieve on my own.  I did not hesitate to get started and it has been the best decision I could have made for my business.

About Me

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Terry and I am so thankful to be the boss and CEO of my life. I will be 57 in October and love being able to live life on my terms. I spend time with my grandchildren, I have spent months on the coast,  and enjoy having the freedom to travel.

terry travel I have a short video below but first take just a second to read a little more about this opportunity that can change your life and peace of mind. 

Invest in YOU and the opportunity to have the life you have dreamed of, and the freedom of working from your home or where you choose, even while traveling.

We are a social business and use our laptops and mobile phones for our business! If you like Facebook or any of your favorite social media platforms, then you will love this business.

By becoming a part of my team I will reveal the automation tools & techniques that I use to help me leverage my time while promoting the business.  I will help you every step of the way and so will our wonderful community. Everyone is so helpful and we have fun!

This is so easy that a grandmother can do it.  As long as you have internet  you are in business.  I use apps and my mobile phone 95% of the time. I make money while I am living my life because I have this set up in a way that can be automated and is working for me 24 hours and 7 days a week.  I do not have home parties, I don’t stock products, and I don’t deliver any orders. I don’t bother my friends and family. I use a system that works for me giving me back my time and location freedom. 

Would you like to Watch the Launch Video that talks about our products, company mission, and the compensations plan? Great! Then just look for the video below.

Watch Our CEO & Founder, Melissa Thompson Discuss The Opportunity and The Products Here

If you are like me,  you know what a rare chance this is for you to get in at the start of something new. This is a big deal. Hurry, Our Founding Partner Opportunity ends In December. You will never have the opportunity to earn even more income with the founding partner position. However,  You will earn income from our lucrative comp plan.

If you have questions, you may reach out to me on one of the social platforms through private message or email me at and via the social links below. If you prefer a live call, I would love to chat.

If you want to go ahead and get strated earning like i did,  without hesitation, then I will have a link below after you watch the video.

My Instagram Profile

About The Products

BELLAME Beauty lifts the curtain on Acqua Lumiere, a luxury skincare collection.

At BELLAME, we take pride in the thoroughly researched, clinical grade, science-backed ingredients.  Formulas that are not just efficacious and free of harmful ingredients; they deliver the luxury experience you deserve. We just lauched our skincare line and have a full line of cosmetics and body care rolling out soon. Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free.

Company Mission

We are on a transformational mission because beauty is more than skin-deep. It is where inner and outer radiance meets. When you share your confidence, purpose, and passion with others, your external beauty shines even brighter. By maximizing you, we empower all.

So I want you to work with me and I am looking forward to having you be a part of my community.  Take Action Now and find out more Here

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