Co-Working Membership Spaces Are The Newest Trend

Remote and freelance working positions have grown to 3.9 million Americans or 2.9% of the total US workforce who work from home at least half the time and flexjobs predicts that more than one-third of employees will work remotely in the next 10 years.

cowork spacePhoto credits: Pixabay

My position in sales and management was a full-time home based position way back in the late 1990’s when these positions were rare to find. Remote work was wonderful and offered many perks,  but it certainly had its challenges , isolation, loud pets, kids, chores and constant interuptions, not to mention the missed connections we once had with colleagues in the office.  In recent years a solution has been available that offers us the opportunity to rent a shared workspace called Co-working space, and this trend is booming.

coworkingspace.pngThe Triangle area of North Carolina offers many co-working space options.

Co-working spaces and thier memberships have grown from as few as 70 documented businesses in 2007,  to 1.5 million worldwide. It is projected that this trend is going to grow as much as 5 million by 2020. Why is it so popular? It solves all of those problems and give you many perks.  With some memberships, they offer shared equipment, events, the convenience of grabbing a quick snack and beverage all at your fingertips. But most of all it is the community and connections that people crave that has made this business boom! I recently saw a news clip on CBS Sunday Morning which you will find below.  Have you tried a co-working space in your area? Let me know what you liked about it in the comments below.


Source: Watch Sunday Morning: A home office away from home – Full show on CBS All Access

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