Apps That Can Read Your Emotions & Smart Cosmetics May Soon Be In Your Future

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Futuristic Apps That Read Our Emotions and Smart Cosmetics To play Up or Conceal Emotions

Privacy will soon be a thing of the past.  I am a little freaked out learning some of the things that Artificial intelligence technology can do. I recently came across a post from Ohio State University that conducted a study on human Emotion detection.


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A machine that can dive in and detect how we are feeling may seem like something we once watched in a movie, but it’s a technical skill that is available now. In March of this year, researchers from the Ohio State University created an algorithm that could detect one of eighteen emotions ranging from “happily surprised” to “fearfully disgusted” based on changes of the color of a person’s face. The algorithm was able to pick out “happiness” with 90% accuracy.   They even mention that there is a possibility of “smart” cosmetics to play up certain emotions—or conceal them in the near future!

The researchers are patenting the computer algorithms, and hope they will enable future forms of artificial intelligence to recognize and emulate human emotions. They have also formed a spin-off company, Online Emotion, to commercialize the research. Be sure to check out both links for more detailed information.

Source: Ohio State University

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