Have You Tried Facebook Spaces? – Oculus Rift – Social VR Demonstration

Have you tried Facebook Spaces? Virtual Reality is going to offer us many experiences like we’ve never had before.

So far this app allows you to Hang out with your friends in a fun, interactive virtual environment as if you were in the same room, no matter where you are.
Facebook has included content that can transport you, through 360 video and Pictures to experience new places.

This can offer all kinds of possibilities for a business. Imagine setting up a virtual store that can offer the experience as if you are actually in the store looking around in Virtual Reality but with the convenience of online shopping.

New towers are being installed across the United States as we speak in order to prepare for VR & AR technology that will be offering NEW 5G data speeds for our mobile phones and devices in 2019. 🤔

For those of you that may be asking, “What is VR & AR?”, virtual reality, enables you to swim in the ocean viewing sea-life as if you were deep sea diving, and augmented reality allows you to watch a jack-in-the-box pop out of your business card.

I am so excited! My mind is spinning with possibilities!😮

This awesome video was created by – Credit @Mike4vr

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