New trivia game shows and video polls on Facebook turn viewers into participants

Today has been a very exciting day in the technology world and for Facebook! Today they have launced the new app for instagram. IGTV and also launched new features for video over on Facebook. They also announced new earning opportunites for creators.

Building a Business on Facebook

They stated that they want to provide different ways for creators to make money on Facebook, so they can choose what makes sense for their content and community. For example, creators with longer content that fans come back for can monetize effectively through ads. Creators with super-fans or niche content can earn money directly from their audience through fan subscriptions or digital goods. Branded content can work for a range of creators who have audiences that businesses want to reach.

Today they have added monetization features, Announcing Brand Collabs Manager, Enabling Ad Breaks for More Creators, Expanding Fan Subscriptions.

They will now allow fans the option to support creators they love by pledging $4.99 (USD) per month in exchange for perks like exclusive content and a special badge highlighting their status as a supporter. Facebook is expanding to more creators.

Facebook’s latest video tool lets creators ask trivia questions and boot out viewers who get a wrong answer. The tool is designed to create interactive game show videos on Live. The tool launches alongside video polls, video subscriptions, and other video-focused tools.

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Facebook pushes online video interaction into gameplay. On Tuesday, June 20, Facebook launched several new tools for video creators, including the option to add game-show-like interaction to Live videos. The new option, which Facebook is calling gamification, brings game show trivia to live videos, where viewers can answer the questions — or get booted off for a wrong answer.

Source: New trivia game shows and video polls on Facebook turn viewers into participants

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