Advice From A Millionaire That Operates Ten Businesses While Sailing Around The World 

Advice From A Millionaire That Operates Ten Businesses While Sailing Around The World

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  1. Have Mulitple Streams of Income – I have always taught my children to do the same. We all need to be sure of this. You never know when things will change with one of the streams and you can live on the others while you adjust.
  2. Study Trending & Profitable things but market them to smaller cities, or areas that tend to be behind the trends. My home town is this way they are still wearing hairstyles & clothing trends that have long gone out of style but were hot and trending two to three years ago. People don’t always hop on the trends right away and sometimes tend to wait until it is the norm before they decide to try or buy it.
  3. Sell products or services that are of high value that meets a need, offering the very best quality and service you can offer while at a fair price and still profitable.
  4. Don’t partner with others – The more partners you have, the more freedom and profits you are giving away.
  5. Be careful who you hire – I can relate. I hired a distant relative to help me with my businesses when I was giving birth, and they never showed up for work, my shop was closed, they stole money and expensive items from my shop. You NEVER know who you can trust.

I love how the editor stated that he hopes to have ten businesses and to be able to sail around the world with his family one day, but until then he will continue writing about people that do.  To read his post just click the link below. I would love for you to share the gold nuggets you discovered from his post.

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Check the original post that has wonderful golden nuggets. Find yours here.

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