The Electric Scooter Rental Business is all the rage and coming to a city near you

In January Uber partnered with the bike-sharing startup JUMP and lauched Uber Bike, which lets Uber riders book JUMP bikes via the Uber app. The company recently acquired Jump stating that they see the Uber app as moving from just being about car sharing to really helping the consumer get from A to B in the most affordable, dependable,  & most convenient way.

E-bikes, of course, are not the only way to get around town these days. This year, we’ve seen a number of startups launch electric scooters. The most popular, Bird scooters has been very popular with beach goers in Californina offering dockless electric scooters, capable of speeds up to 15 mph, available through a scooter-share service using the smartphone app. You can now rent scooters for $1 plus $0.15/min and the business is booming!
The scooter-share startup, Bird, was launched in September 2017 by Travis VanderZanden, who was previously an executive with Uber and Lyft ride sharing. The company started in Los Angeles, and is now offered in many large cities across the United States. It is amazing to see how rapidly they have expanded.

They also offer income earning opportunites just like Uber, via the app with the opportunity for what they call, ‘Chargers’. They are growing so rapidly, workers are in high demand. Chargers have said that you can easily make $20-30 per hour working for Bird in what they have quoted, “Earn while you sleep”, because they pick them up and charge them at home overnight or during the day as needed.

bird charger

I am totally amazed on a daily basis with the ideas and business start-ups that evolve and love to share the news with you!



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