12k Sex AI Robots Ship out This Summer

I previously featured a post about the new robots that will be able to cook from a recipe like having your own personal chef.  Ladies things are about to change for you. Recently I have learned about another type of robot that is about to become available for sale this summer. Now you can order a customized companion. Skip all the dreadful dating apps and endless dates. Now you can save all that heartache and time and order your perfect companion. Sounds interesting but I am a bit concerned about this news for several reasons.

Consumers will soon be able to purchase Artificial Intelligence Robots as companions that are life-like Silicone Robots that have the ability to talk to you and interact with you. You can even specify the size of their private parts and all kinds of other features. The male prototype is six feet tall with six-pack abs.

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The company offers a variety of ways to customize, such as elf ears, vampire teeth, 13 different kinds of pubic hair, and dozens of nipples, including replicas of porn star Stormy Daniels’. They come with a corresponding app, that once synced, they are able to give their owners compliments, recite poetry, tell jokes, and seduce.

So far they are set to ship out this summer at a whopping price of $12,000 USA dollars and the company has reported that as of the date of this post, they have already received fifty pre-orders.   Now here is where I am feeling a little concerned, the creators stated that their goal is to create robots that are entertaining and conversational enough to be COMPANIONS. They went on to say that many customers are just lonely and want something or someone to cuddle and watch TV with.  So with that in mind, the company promises that eventually, the robots will be able to talk to you about your day, remember your hopes and fears, cuddle you, love you, and make love to you.

It was also stated that Matthias Scheutz, who runs the Human-Robot Interaction Lab at Tufts University, said that it would be almost impossible to prevent people from forming emotional bonds with robots.

Let’s get this topic going.  Your comments are appreciated. I am interested in your opinions.  This post is too juicy not to share. Please share this post on social media.

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