Amazon Prime’s Price Increases In May, Having Many People Wondering If They Should Cancel

Amazon is scheduled to increase the fee for annual US Prime membership, taking it from $99 to $119.  Do you find enough value in the membership to continue?

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I love the prime membership for the convenience, shipping benefits, and the time it has saved me.  Amazon has spoiled me mostly for being able to get my items fast. I really don’t like to shop and find myself going online to compare prices and to read the reviews before I make a purchase. I would much rather pay a little more in some cases and buy it on Amazon because I know that I will get it quickly and that they will take care of any issues if something goes wrong.  I like buying heavy and large bulky things from them because I don’t want to go to the local store and have to lug it around, loading and unloading it myself.  I prefer to have most things shipped to my door.  I also like buying gifts and having them shipped to friends and family.

And in 2016 PrimeNow became available as part of my membership in my city and it changed things for me. I was able to buy many grocery items and all kinds of things and have them deliver it free within two hours. What a wonderful service. It has helped me so many times when I didn’t feel like running to the store but really needed something. I love it!

So for me, I like the convenience, trust, and the benefits and I am willing to pay the price for it!  How do you feel? Will you continue to subscribe to Amazon Prime? Tell us what you love about your Prime Membership.  I have had many readers say they love the subscribe & save for having items like supplements and supplies that they need on a regular basis delivered on a schedule of their choosing. I think that is a wonderful idea!


Source: Amazon Prime’s price went up, but you probably won’t leave anyways

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