Own Your Online Content – How to Download Your Facebook Content

I am not affiliated with Dreamhost but wanted to share this post. I agree that it is also very important to own your own content. We all post things every day on social media, but we don’t own it. At any time they can remove your post or close your account. They are in control.

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It is easier than ever to buy your own domain name and set up your website. It is vital to store your content where you are control of what you post. Today I received a message from Instagram with a link updating all users on what they share and their updated guidelines.

It is very important for each of us to read it and you can see a copy of this here.  Policy updates

We can still enjoy posting on social media but we need to take the time to know what information is being tracked and also important to store our content where you can have complete control. I highly suggest that you go in today and frequently download your Facebook content and save it in a safe place. It is very easy to do with the click of a button you can have a copy of every post, photo, etc. that you have posted on Facebook. Once you log into Facebook, click the little arrow on the far right side. Then click settings on this page. (see the photo below.)  Look at the bottom where the link displayed, “download” circled in red below. This will download a copy of your content that you have posted so far.  Now you have it and can save it safely on your storage device.

facebook download

Owning your online content has never been more important. We interviewed experts to learn why publishing on third-party platforms — not your own website — is risky.

Source: Own Your Online Content – DreamHost.blog

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