Why older women will rule the world: The future is female, MIT expert says

I found this to be true in my own life. I started early with my first job at age 16.🙋 Moved on to management and sales & in 2010 boom the company I worked for filed bankruptcy. At this stage of my life and with the economy issues looming, I found it incredibly difficult to find another job at my age making the income I had worked so hard to build. I was shocked, emotionally bruised, and found myself in a situation I had never experienced before. Thankfully my entrepreneurial skills kicked in and helped me through turbulent times.

I read an article by NBC last night that said that 🔜Older women will rule the world & that the future is Female. Older women may be hitting a wall in many corporations, and that is the corporation’s loss. 💯We are engines of innovation by becoming entrepreneurs starting consulting companies, new stores and online businesses.💪 👩Younger women, take the advice from the baby boomer generation that changed the history of the woman’s role in America⌛ from being the housewife to becoming a major income earner. 💸Their role has shifted again into the entrepreneurial role. ✔You can prepare now for living your best life after middle age. Make sure you have multiple streams of income flowing into your bank account.
As we live longer, women over 50 will have more power than ever before.

Source: Why older women will rule the world: The future is female, MIT expert says

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