A Valuable Lesson Learned in Business

A Valuable Lesson Learned in Business

I have been in some sort of Sales and management most of my career. I have also been a business owner since 1986. My first business was a gourmet gift and candy shop.  I have learned many things in my life and the one thing that I have had to learn the hard way is to source some of your tasks because you can’t do it all. Believe me, I am one of those entrepreneurs that like to do it myself. I like learning how things work and I want to do everything myself which has caused stress and exhaustion in some cases where my Dr. ordered me complete bedrest. I am well now! Thanks for asking!

Social Marketing and advertising is a salespersons dream.  You can laser target and order up the ideal customer. Let me share that I have learned one costly thing. After spending loads of my time and cash I learned that if I could have done this over I would have sourced my advertising. This is a very costly lesson. The money that I spent could have been invested in tripling my income and boosting my business like a rocket with my first campaign! I instead took classes, tweaked and learned through trial and error. Just thinking about this makes me very upset.

Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced business person or agency to take care of your marketing and advertising. You will be doing yourself a huge favor and will be so grateful when you are rolling in the cash.  Yes, I learned this the hard way and because of this, I am determined to help other entrepreneurs by speaking the truth about business and sharing my tips and wisdom.

Sharing is Caring!


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