Watch out Amazon! Is Marc Lore Making a Strategic Move With Walmart? Will this Acquisition Be A Fail Like The Previous Acquisition With Amazon?

Watch out Amazon! Is Marc Lore Making a Strategic Move With Walmart? Will this Acquisition Be A Fail Like The Previous Acquisition With Amazon?



I am a huge fan of Amazon.  And I can honestly say that Amazon has changed the way I shop.  I would say that the greatest benefit is the convenience and many time-saving features that I value and love shopping on the website. Many customers find it very helpful to have their everyday essentials such as toiletries, supplements, even heavy items like water and dog food, etc. set-up using the Amazon subscribe and save service giving the choice of shipping frequency such as monthly, etc a valued convenience, the wish list, echo fashion advice service, inclusive subscriptions services, great deals, one-click coupons, and fast delivery are among many nice advantages of shopping in one place on    I previously tried shopping online with Wal-mart but found subpar customer service, shipping times were way too long, and even having to pay for shipping was a huge turn-off.  I even tried ordering and having something shipped to a Walmart store only to find filled parking lots, long lines, and that I was forced to walk all the way to the back of the store, where I then had to wait for someone to find an associate to then finally locate my purchase.  This was a very exhausting experience. That was the last time I ordered on their website. I don’t enjoy the hassle to save a few bucks.

Times have changed and Walmart needs to understand that people value their time and would rather pay a little more to have orders delivered to their home same day and also want confidence in knowing that it won’t be a hassle to return if something goes wrong.  I don’t have time, nor do I want the added stress of waiting in long lines at your store and I simply refuse to do it any longer. I have also stopped shopping at Target and many other local stores for the same reason.  Amazon has changed the shopping experience for many and they have earned the majority of my business.

My observation and what I think is the key to Amazon’s success is that they know how to enhance the customer shopping experience on every level and they continue to add to their services making them a step above all other websites. They have earned trust, offer great customer service,  offer just about everything you could possibly want to buy, and you have confidence in knowing that it will arrive fast and in most cases free!

The prime membership is of great value with many features and perks that entice and keep loyal members.  I can even order grocery, office and home essentials using the latest service,  Amazon free prime-NOW service having my orders delivered within 1-2 hours. This is of great value for me, my family, and my business. This allows me even more free time so that I am able to do more important things. Walmart offers a similar service but you have to order online and you have to drive to the store. When they first offered this new service I had to wait 24 hours to pick up my order so I canceled. I want it now so it is not very useful for me even if they offered a $10 off coupon.

People today are very busy and our time is of great value. Shoppers like to save time and energy from running to the store, lugging heavy packages around in the store and to the car only to have to unload them again once they return home.  Just that alone is a huge benefit. It is so much more fun to shop and research online and to have the convenience of having your orders delivered.  Amazon also allows me to research the products by reading reviews and offers many other enhanced shopping features. They even have a website especially for businesses, Amazon Business, that offers special volume discounts and features for professionals. Most people are not even aware of this.

Walmart has all of the same capabilities already in place which gives them the edge over Amazon putting them in a position to do all of these things but much faster since they have locations in every city across America. They have a huge inventory of grocery, automotive, hardware, pharmacy in their retail locations. Can you imagine the benefits of being able to order a part for your car or a hardware supply online to have it delivered the same day needed?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have your prescriptions, groceries and virtually anything they sell in the store delivered to you same day?  As a Mother, I can see the value of being able to order diapers on a whim, baby supplies, a few groceries, a toy, gifts, party supplies and anything that is in Walmart’s inventory delivered to the home the same day needed. Would you think that would be a service people would use? I think so. I know that I would certainly give it a try!


This could be a simple service to implement by modeling the Amazon Prime Now service that is currently rolling out in major cities across the country.  I think the better option would be to partner or acquire one of the many shopping services out there like Instacart. This would have been a smart decision by Walmart and can still be done. They could easily hire a team of store shoppers and delivery drivers locally at each of their locations.  This would be a huge benefit for many and a huge Problem solved for all.

Can you imagine how a service like this coming from the mega-chain like Walmart could help the aging baby boomers and benefit the savvy millenniums that like the convenience of click button shopping on their mobile devices with fast delivery?

Walmart’s e-commerce would have soared.  On another level, this could also help our economy by offering local job seekers the opportunity to earn money while having a flexible schedule. Shoppers want to order online and have their orders delivered.  If Walmart had used this model instead of the acquisition,  they could have been one huge step ahead of Amazon.  Walmart, I challenge you to re-think your decision or you will continue to lose customers as Amazon gains this business in each city that they roll out the service.  I have no desire to shop at even if you own it. I don’t see any reason.  So, for now, I will still continue to order on Amazon while Walmart chose to buy up a smaller That, in my opinion, was a very costly decision and still does not offer the new and upcoming shopping experience that customers are wanting and demanding.

I found myself wanting to find out more about the man that started the company so I starting researching, Marc Lore which launched in 2014. I am quite impressed with what he has accomplished. The Wall Street Journal reported that Marc Lore wants to make Wal-Mart cool. Since taking over as president and chief executive of the retail  U.S. e-commerce division 16 months ago, he has acquired five companies, including brands that he says “resonate with millennial shoppers”.  I really hope it works out.

I honestly have only made one purchase from the website originally finding that my order took way to long to arrive and was not shipped properly. I got one thing and had to wait for the other part to arrive in a different “envelope” when it should have been a box. The packaging was not at all as I would have expected my order to be shipped. That was a first and last purchase that I made.   When reading about the acquisition of by Walmart, my first thought was why on earth would they pay so much for this website when they already have everything they need in place?  So I dived in a little further to learn that Amazon purchased and the rest of the Quidsi subsidiary in 2011 for $545 million from Marc Lore then hiring Marc to work for Amazon for just over two years only to shut it down in 2014, claiming it hadn’t been able to make the business profitable. Researching further I found that Marc has profited many times by starting up companies and then selling them.  The most recent sale to with to Walmart for $3B in cash and $300M in stock was another profitable win for Marc. I must say that Marc is certainly brilliant in creating start-ups and selling them for a huge profit. He must be a great salesman.  It will be interesting to follow this acquisition to see if it fails like the previous Amazon acquisition. The one advantage that Walmart may have is that Marc worked with Amazon after the acquisition, giving him inside information on their business model and techniques that could enable Walmart to have a slight inside edge.   Marc has gained very valuable knowledge of both Amazon and Walmart by working with both companies after the acquisition.  This makes Marc Lore a very powerful asset and puts him in a powerful position for his future endeavors. I will continue to follow this story and post updates as they unfold.

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