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So many people have asked me to feature some of the ways that I make money.  This has inspired me to start featuring online income sources each week on my website along with helpful tips and tools for entrepreneurs.

Back in 2010, I lost a position that was my main source of income due to a company acquisition.  In this time I found having my online sources of income were invaluable to me.   I realized the importance of having multiple streams of income.  During this time my parents became ill and I found myself wanting to be there to help them. I could not have done this with a traditional job. I was able to spend the last year with my Mother before she passed away from stage 4 cancer. While going through all of this a large portion of my income was from sourcing and selling on Amazon and eBay. I have been an eBay merchant for nineteen years.  I learned a huge lesson in all of this in that I needed to find ways of making the income in a way that allowed me to be mobile.  I began sourcing and shipping totally via FBA for both eBay and Amazon tweaking and making my business more mobile.   I spent the following years researching and trying different things while focusing on changing my income streams in a way to allow me to be totally mobile based.  This allows me to earn while taking care of family, traveling and doing things that I love. I have also worked a short time as a remote employee with Amazon.  The offer came after being invited on a special tour of their warehouse facility. I was so amazed at how things are shipped and I even got to see my inventory bin.  I love Amazon and what it has provided for me as a merchant and wanted to learn all about the other side of Amazon! I have a whole lifetime of knowledge that I want to share with you.   Today I want to share information about freelance writing. If you are passionate about writing you can earn income online as a freelance writer.

Many people like to blog and that is a great way to earn income. Additionally, many people are earning income writing for others. There are multiple places online to find writing jobs. I would like to save you some valuable time in featuring a service that is a great resource for high paying writing jobs and they offer a wealth of reference material.  I am all about saving time and by joining a Membership Website you do just that. You can benefit by having the research already done for you and you will find trusted resources, getting paid by this company without having any commissions taken out of the income earned.  All with the convenience of having them offered in one place. Today I am featuring a company that has been rated the #1 website for offering some of the highest paying writing gigs.  Having a writing career allows you to have the convenience of working at home or while traveling. Wherever you may be in the world, you can earn cash by working online.


They have a great deal that they are offering today that will be the perfect way for you to get started with your writing career.  I have a quick disclaimer that I earn a small portion of the membership for sharing this opportunity with you and I thank you in advance for the support of using my links.

writing jobs pinterest.2

You will find offers writing for blog sites, ebooks, books, websites, and magazines.  Here is my special link to this offer Writing JOBS  CLICK HERE

writing jobs pinterest

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Don’t worry if you missed the sale. By using my link right now you will be offered a 7-Day Trial which allows you to try out the Premium Membership for just $27 $1! This is a great time for you to get a look at the opportunities available to you by having this membership. There is no contract; you may cancel anytime with their easy one-click cancellation.  Hurry before this opportunity ends. Use my Special link for you here.  Click Here for this offer



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