Can Algorithms Affect Your Emotions? What Has Social Data Gathered About You?

In the past year, I have learned a lot about social media marketing, algorithms, Running ad campaigns, and studying social data. It has opened my eyes to the vast amount of data that is available to the public about our behaviors and patterns. Machine-learning algorithms learn to understand the characteristics of people.

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The next class that I am taking is about AI.  Real-world problems are being solved with applications of intelligence, for example, self-driving cars, face recognition, web search, industrial robots, missile guidance, and tumor detection.

 Tonight I was searching Ted Talks and ran across a very thought-provoking speech that I would like to share with you. As I listened to this, I thought about what type of social data have I created.   What do these machines know about me? It actually made me laugh because the machines know that I love recipes and what I love to eat. It knows that I conduct business online and that I love Amazon!  It knows that I am online almost 24/7. All that is fine by me, but I don’t like that knows all about my sleep patterns and that I rarely sleep. I wonder if they hear me snore?  If you have a mobile phone, fire stick, or a computer with speakers, I would say yes to that question. A couple of years back my computer spoke to me. This was when Google first began the “Okay, Google” feature.  I wasn’t aware of this new feature and was having a conversation with my daughter. We both then realized that Google was listening to our conversation when it responded back with an answer as we sat there in shock and amazement.

When you think about how this information can be used it is disturbing. Insurance companies can use this information to increase my rates. They know my driving patterns, lifestyle patterns,  and if I have healthy habits.   This data knows me better than anyone including my Mother!  It gathers everything that I have searched and typed on the internet. Even the things I have deleted. Yes, it is all stored.  The social apps can hear everything that you do all day and night unless you turn these devices off.  Most of us don’t turn off our mobile devices. Social apps have you agree to give them all of this data in order to use their websites. Google knows everything about me including a GPS map of all the places I have been in the past year. I know this because it sent me a summary via email and frankly it freaked me out. Mainly due to safety issues. How could they be keeping tabs on all of the places I have been? Well, they do.

I am sharing this video with you so that you can better understand this technology. Please share your thoughts and any links you may know of that would be of interest to our audience.



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