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Many of you  are not aware that Amazon has a website just for you if you own a business.  CHECK OUT AMAZON BUSINESS


Amazon has a website for Businesses.  You will have to apply in order to have access to the website.  There are many benefits to signing up for the free business account. Amazon Business now offers price discounts just for businesses on millions of products across Amazon. They offer price breaks on multi-unit purchases on millions of products. Source for professional products, medical supplies and more.

One huge benefit is Quantity pricing. For example, You may need to purchase a large number of books for a class that you are teaching and you would like to get a discount. You can do that here. You may want to purchase a large number of tablets for your employees and you can do that here as well.

Check out the Amazon Business Website Here


You can use your prime membership on your business account but you can’t share it here.  You do not have to have a prime membership to shop. Today I noticed that Amazon has changed the shipping guidelines. They will no longer offer Free two-day shipping on orders over $49 and now offer free 5-7 day shipping. You can now purchase a business prime account for you and your employees. Check that out here

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