We all know how we feel after spending time around negative people.


They are draining and very unpleasant to be around. Just last night I noticed a person posting negative comments about a product that someone posted in a group in the comment section.  Not sure what they thought would be attractive about this technique unless they thought it would make their own product look superior.  The sad thing is that they did just the opposite. Negative people attract Negative people and things into their life. Positive people will attract positive things and people in their lives.  This also goes for prosperity. So needless to say this person is probably sinking financially. Even worse they must be miserable. Don’t get the “Negative Nellie” label.

Promise me that you will join me in becoming aware of any negative thoughts of comments that we may have through the day. Each time you have one of those thoughts, focus on something you are grateful for. Visit a place that makes you feel positive, Listen to happy music, listen to motivation audio and take your mind in the positive direction. If you feel the need to correct someone, always  focus on presenting it in a positive constructive way and offer suggestions instead.

road map to treasure my vision from God 2 years ago

I had a vision a couple of years ago. In this vision my thoughts were being programmed into a gps and the vehicle was driving me toward my dreams. I picture this in my mind very often and smile saying, Thank you God!

Sharing a positive thought for you below. Enjoy!

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