Time is Money! Amazon can help!

amazon services

Would it help to have your home cleaned during the holidays? Would it be nice to have someone  assemble the toys and furniture that you purchased as presents? Did you know that Amazon can help you with that?


If you know me, you know how much I love Amazon. Having an amazon account through the years has enhanced my life in many ways. Amazon has provided income as a merchant, but it has also saved me money and time in so many ways.  I could talk for days on this topic, but this post is about a feature that they offer that many people are not even aware.

A couple of years back, I ordered a set of tires on amazon. When I put them in the cart I noticed that they offered the service of having these installed by one of their certified local service providers.  I was able to choose the garage nearest to my home,  compare reviews, and compare prices.

I think this is so awesome in so many ways.  Being able to view feedback was so important for me. As a female it was nice to be able to feel confident that I would not be overcharged and I knew upfront how much it cost and paid for this service through amazon. This puts the power back to where it should be in that I am hiring someone to do a service for me and I needed to ensure that they are trustworthy and would do a good job. Having paid for this service through amazon, I knew I was covered by their awesome customer satisfaction guarantee and the provider would want to keep their good rating to continue with amazon. It was a great service for me.  So save your valuable time and look into the many services that they offer today.  Do me a favor and share your experience of using services here by posting a comment.

Happy shopping!



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