Are you using apps for business? I have a secret addiction to apps! Apps can come in handy to save you time and money.  I find them very useful for business.

I have so many apps that I had to buy a memory expansion card for my Samsung Galaxy so that I could store them! My time is money and using them give me more time to do the things that I enjoy.

Over the next few months I will continue my series on featuring apps and tools to help you manage your business.  Be sure to subscribe so that you won’t miss out.

  1. ZOHO ONE–  includes more than 35 applications with complementary mobile apps so you can run your entire business in one suite. Sales campaigns, surveys, business books, expenses, streaming, file sharing, email, social media, and much more. There is a $35 monthly charge for the suite of apps. Well worth the cost.
  2. Easy2b.uy –  prepare shopable Instagram post with description and hashtags, while setting as many links as you like. You can also schedule your posts and choose whether you want your content to be visible on your gallery or only in your Instagram feed. You can also collect subscribers with the app. Free
  3. Canva –  This is my favorite tool.  Easy graphic-design tool for creating marketing material, documents & presentations. I have designed logos and banners for all social media platforms in minutes with this tool. It is free or subscribe for added features.
  4. Belive.tv – Features organizing live broadcast agenda, screen share,  Live Facebook audience comments are featured on the screen. Great for classes, and talk shows. BeLive offers 20 minute broadcast, twice a week for Free. Plans start at $12
  5. Connect all your social profiles to SocialPilot and start posting on each of the social networks from one unified interface. You may also create only a single post and have it posted multiple times across all your social networks. Free


Be sure to subscribe so that you won’t miss out.

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