What is Your Elevator Pitch? Plus Entrepreneur Elevator Episode,  Edible Selfies, Extreme Beer Pong and More!

What is your elevator pitch?

“What do you do for a living?” You may get this question all the time. Have you really thought about what your answers should be to this question?

Having your own elevator pitch crafted in such a way that it leads into a conversation, prepares you and plants seeds of opportunity.
With practice, your elevator pitch can win you new clients whenever and wherever you go.
A good elevator pitch will have these two things.
  1. The Benefit. That’s the reason they might want what you’re selling.
  2. The Differentiator. The reason they might want to buy from YOU.

For example, I am in the marketing business, and I help entrepreneurs increase their sales by bringing more traffic to their website and reduce their advertising cost.

At this point the conversation may lead to interest in your service or product. Be prepared in what you would say or do if they do show interest. Network with them if they are not. The key is to build your network. The seeds that you have planted may generate interest later and often lead to a referral.
I enjoy watching, Shark Tank and Elevator Pitch.  Listen to the first episode of  the show.  I hope I have inspired you to create your own elevator pitch.
I hope you enjoy!
I believe in you,

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