inspiration by terry change your view

If we had magic glasses we could program them to only see good and positive things.

While we don’t have magic glasses we can control how we view things in our lives.

  1. Strive to have more compassion for others
  2. Strive to be more giving
  3. Control what you allow your eyes to see and your ears to hear
  4. When something happens that upsets you, take a deep breath, calm down and search for at least one positive thing about the situation. Then strive to reflect on that each time your thoughts flow to the negative side.
  5. It could be worse. Remember that! If you put your problems in a basket with others you would probably grab yours back. Everyone goes through things it is how you go through them that matters.
  6. Greet the people you see through the day. Smile and if you feel led to give a compliment this can make a huge difference in their day and your day! If your service is good, then let them know. Go out of your way to do a survey or give some praise to their manager! You can make a difference in others lives while making a difference in yours!

It is all in how we view things that control the outcome of our lives. This world is full of loving people and abundance. However, if you watch the news or fill your mind with negative things you will begin to view life in a negative way.  Feed your mind with positive and you will begin to see the world in a positive way! That is when the magic happens!

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