POWERFul Business Tips That I learned From Barbara

inspiration by terry the power of duplication for remote income

There is a simple yet not well-understood power that everyone should take time to understand. This power has been known to offer instant success to the marketing of a product or service. This magic power is the power of duplication.

There are many ways to earn a significant income using the power of duplication. Barbara from the popular hit television show, Shark tank shares in her interview that she used this method to become successful in the very beginning with her business.

After her first sale she went out and purchased the best suit she could afford and rented an office.  She had to invest in the tools to help her succeed.  She then hired her first sales representative with her profits to go out and duplicate what she had done. As soon as this representative got their first sale she duplicated again and hired another. This is what the power of duplication and scaling a business can do for you. You can hear more here,  Listen to her story here 

Need more leads for your business?

This is a brilliant way to duplicate a service or product. Using this system of duplication she was able to expand her efforts and earn exponential income that would have taken her much longer to achieve that type of income and much harder work to do it alone.

I used this concept over eighteen years ago with eBay in writing e-books and before that with my Avon business earning 4 awards in 9 months.  I consider myself a veteran e-book seller because this was something that you did not hear of back then. This is a reminder of simple but powerful techniques that can excel you to greater levels.

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