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I have created many different successful businesses in my lifetime.  All were dreams of mine that I started from scratch.  My first business was a  Gourmet candy and balloon shop. Then I started a telemarketing agency that produced qualified leads for accounts. I then started my most successful business which was a rental locater agency helping corporate accounts, students and others locate temporary rentals, as well as real estate investment rentals.  My father had a background in programming and computers and he always supplied me with the latest computers and software custom designed for my business.

Then the internet became available in my area back in 1995 and I signed up.  I no longer had to lease commercial space or hire and pay employees to be there for my business.  I could work from anywhere I wanted, as long as I had internet. I was up day and night researching and discovering the new possibilities that this could bring. I soon discovered Ebay and set up an account. I could sell just about anything on there and make good money.   I soon wrote a book on how I started the business and began to sell the book online to clients in Australia, China and all over the world. I sold the supplies to my customers online and created an online group that supported them and helped them grow their businesses.  I had the books printed locally until I discovered digital files. That brought things to a whole new level.  I could not believe how well they sold. It was so much fun to create instructional books. The beauty of this was that it offered the freedom of creating something once that once it was set up it was sold, and sent electronically to them and all automated.   I could travel and enjoy my life and make money while I slept. It was so much fun to see the earnings grow each week. In 2007 I was offered a promotion and was honored for the opportunity to make such a wonderful salary with benefits. I was all in and decided to direct my focus on this opportunity and put my online business on hold.  That was a huge mistake.   Years later the company went through an acquisition and many of us lost our positions. At the same time our economy dropped and we went through a recession.  My home was no longer worth what I paid for it and jobs were scarce. I learned many great lessons at that time. One of the most important things I have learned was that you should always have multiple streams of income at all times. You should always continue what is working well and build upon that.  I have always heard that you should never have all of your eggs in one basket and I learned that this is so true.  If I had of kept that going I could have INVESTED the income.

In life we learn from our mistakes and move forward building upon them and moving up to a new level. I started up my business again and this time adding Amazon as well as other online websites. I quickly built two online Ebay stores to power seller levels and starting selling online with amazon and other online websites.  In this time my Mother became very ill and passed away. Soon after my Father became very sick but he had multiple surgeries.  Having this online business allowed me to take time to be with my family and help out.  Through this time I have been asked so many times to teach others and show them how to start an online business. I now offer a variety of services for clients. I have books, offer coaching and support as well as online classes

I enjoy helping others build and grow their new businesses! Be sure to join my Facebook page and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services.


Have an amazing day!

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