12k Sex AI Robots Ship out This Summer

I previously featured a post about the new robots that will be able to cook from a recipe like having your own personal chef.  Ladies things are about to change for you. Recently I have learned about another type of robot that is about to become available for sale this summer. Now you can order a customized companion. Skip all the dreadful dating apps and endless dates. Now you can save all that heartache and time and order your perfect companion. Sounds interesting but I am a bit concerned about this news for several reasons.

Consumers will soon be able to purchase Artificial Intelligence Robots as companions that are life-like Silicone Robots that have the ability to talk to you and interact with you. You can even specify the size of their private parts and all kinds of other features. The male prototype is six feet tall with six-pack abs.

The company offers a variety of ways to customize, such as elf ears, vampire teeth, 13 different kinds of pubic hair, and dozens of nipples, including replicas of porn star Stormy Daniels’. They come with a corresponding app, that once synced, they are able to give their owners compliments, recite poetry, tell jokes, and seduce.

So far they are set to ship out this summer at a whopping price of $12,000 USA dollars and the company has reported that as of the date of this post, they have already received fifty pre-orders.   Now here is where I am feeling a little concerned, the creators stated that their goal is to create robots that are entertaining and conversational enough to be COMPANIONS. They went on to say that many customers are just lonely and want something or someone to cuddle and watch TV with.  So with that in mind, the company promises that eventually, the robots will be able to talk to you about your day, remember your hopes and fears, cuddle you, love you, and make love to you.

It was also stated that Matthias Scheutz, who runs the Human-Robot Interaction Lab at Tufts University, said that it would be almost impossible to prevent people from forming emotional bonds with robots.

Let’s get this topic going.  Your comments are appreciated. I am interested in your opinions.  This post is too juicy not to share. Please share this post on social media.

EBay Reaches Double-Digit First Quarter Earnings and asks shoppers to share their interests

image credit: Flickr; Mike Knell  Post credits: https://www.retaildive.com/

Ebay Online marketplace has launched a feature that uses customers’ input on their hobbies and preferences to help build more personalized shopping experiences.

Would you believe that eBay has stated that 80% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new? It went on to say that 88% of items sold are “Buy It Now” items that don’t involve auction-style bidding. This particular launch comes a few weeks after eBay posted a double-digit revenue jump first quarter. To read more visit the source link below.

Source: EBay asks shoppers to share their interests

Why Americans Care About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal Wedding

Photo courtesy of @EDDIE MULHOLLAND/AFP/Getty Images

The wedding, this weekend, of Britain’s Prince Harry and the Wedding actress Meghan Markle has already generated a number of Pavlovian, and entirely predictable, responses.

Is it part drama, scandal, or the fact that a divorced, mixed-race american actress is about to marry a prince?  Many of us are asking,  why should we care?

As I watched the ceremony today, I watched the facial expressions of the Queen and also of the mother of the bride. I could only imagine her Mother’s thoughts as I saw tears in her eyes. Imaginging her happiness not only for her daughter but for the hope that it brings to other little girls that are of a mixed race, or for other women that are divorced that may feel marked by society but still deserving love. I was deeply touched and reminded that we are each exceptionally unique and we should embrace who we are and go forth confidently, embracing what we want in love and in our in lives, no matter what people may say or feel. We need to do what we feel is right and best for us. We need to enjoy our lives.

I am sharing the article that I found interesting which includes interesting history of the Monarchy. You will find  the full post by clicking the  link below.







Source: Why Americans Care About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

What is Google Duplex? The Future of Bots

What is Google Duplex? The Future of Bots

Learn about the latest product and platform innovations at Google in a Keynote led by Sundar Pichai.

This summer, Google will start testing the Duplex technology within the Google Assistant.

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Google has stated that its core mission is to make information more useful, accessible, and beneficial to society.   This newest technology has helped make this possible, enabling them to do this in new ways solving problems for users around the world.  Last year Google announced that their mission was to bring the benefits of AI to everyone and their goal is to offer this globally. They announced that they are opening AI centers around the world!

AI is going to impact many fields and healthcare is one of the most important areas that AI will transform, bringing expert diagnosis to places where trained doctors are scarce. More importantly, they stated that their AI Learning systems offered newer insights above what doctors could find in scans. This could be the basis for a new non-invasive way to detect cardiovascular risk. They look forward to partnering with hospitals and medical institutions.


AI technology will also make an important impact in our day-to-day lives helping those with disabilities lives profoundly better. Technology is constantly evolving and make a huge impact in someone’s quality of life.
I am most excited about how this technology can help a business in answering calls and with the use of google assistant, we can now free our time and have the assistant set appointments and take calls. Salon owners will love this feature and so will any business that has limited staff.
As with any new technology, there will be those that resist. I choose to embrace and look at the way it can help all of us in our daily lives.

How Are You Trading Your Time and Energy? – A look at The Book, Your money or your life

How Are You Trading Your Time and Energy? – A look at The Book, Your money or your life.

I read an article this weekend about Millennial millionaires and noticed that several of them mentioned a book that changed their views on money.  I had to find out more about this book,  “Your Money or Your Life,” by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez.

The premise of the book is that you exchange your time for money. Your most precious resource is your time and your life energy, and when you start thinking about how many hours of your life it took to save up the money to buy something,  your decisions will change in a new direction.  

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The book has you figure out the bottom line of what you are making per hour and will have you really thinking about your future purchase decisions. Once people have “enough”, happiness actually comes from giving, not getting.   The book helps you discover your purpose and teaches to serve in love and realizing the power of community.   I would like to share this interview with Vicki, hosted by Choose Financial Independence. Please listen with an open mind. 

 The book and interview mentioned 9 steps

Step 1. How much money has come into your life and what do you have to show for it?

This step is about taking a clear, honest look at your current financial situation and how you got there. This is important in orienting yourself toward positive change.

Step 2. Being in the present: Tracking your life energy

With Step 2 you’ll start to take a closer look at the way money moves in and out of your life, day in and day out.

Step 3. Where is it all going: Monthly tabulation

With Step 3 you use the information gathered in tracking to see what patterns are emerging. You establish your own spending categories and create a monthly summary or “tabulation” of your expenses and income, including how these activities affect your bottom line at the end of each month

Step 4. Three questions that will transform your life

In Step 4 you’ll evaluate how you earn and spend money and if it aligns with what you want to do and be in your life. You’ll achieve this by reviewing each category of your monthly tabulation in the context of three life-changing questions:

  1. Did I receive fulfillment in proportion to life energy spent?
  2. Was this in alignment with my values, goals and purpose?
  3. How would this change if I didn’t have to work for a living?

These questions will help you adjust your current behavior to achieve maximum fulfillment in relation to money.


Step 5. Making life energy visible: Your wall chart

Step 5 is to create a visual tool to show how money flows in and out of your life over time – a wall chart of your monthly financial progress. By plotting your monthly income and expenses in a graph you can see a visual picture of your life energy in action, over time.


Step 6. Respecting your life energy: Minimizing spending

With Step 6 you look at ways to lower those expenses – because you respect your life energy and want to conserve it.

Stop spending life energy on stuff that is not bringing you maximum fulfillment in proportion to the life energy you spent on it. Think about how much space and time that might give you to focus on living your life in alignment with your goals and values!

Step 7. Respecting your life energy: Maximizing income

Step 7 is increasing your earnings, exchanging the life energy you put into your job for the highest possible income, without compromising your values or your health, for a self-defined period of time.

Step 8. Capital and the crossover point

With Step 8 you look at how your savings — your conserved life energy — can be used as capital to earn investment income.

Step 9. Securing your financial independence

In this step, you will establish your own long-term investment program to guarantee sufficient income from a source other than paid employment for the foreseeable future. The purpose of this step is to enable you to live freely, without worrying about your finances — neither your employment nor your portfolio. If only I had discovered and read this book when I was younger. I have a gift of knowing how to earn money but have not made wise decisions on how I have spent money that I have earned. It is never too late to make changes! I think that this book should be required reading by all students. Any thoughts?

 Here is a link to the book found on Amazon.

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