Serving up solutions while roping in business

Today I would like to feature another Amazon Success story. Former Marine diver and parachutist Sean Brownlee started his business out of his garage sourcing and selling his ropes as a merchant on the  platform.  He was so successful that he bought the company from his supplier that is based out of North Carolina and now employs over twelve employees. He says the key to his success is that he is able to work remotely and grow his business.  You can read more about his story by clicking the link below.

If you have never sold anything on Amazon, you are missing out on huge profits. With over 90 million prime members ready to buy the sky is the limit.  I offer a class on services that help entrepreneurs learn how to sell on Amazon. There is more than one way! I also help businesses set up their Amazon business and help them get their items listed. I have experience both as a merchant and as a former employee of Amazon. Contact me if you have questions or would like my help. Here is a link to my class Click here


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Remote Positions With Social Sales Rep

If you would like to find a remote freelance position that is flexible and that offers a very easy way to earn income,  then you will want to take a look at this opportunity. I am updating my post to reflect my observation of this company. It is work but it is fun. You are posting information online. They are teaching their members exactly what to do and providing their proven tools to help excel your earnings.  This is as a form of affiliate marketing. This is not an MLM opportunity. Doing this method is a sure way to earn a substantial amount of residual income. The more time that you put into this, the more income you will earn. The great thing is that all of the work that you put in continues to earn income month after month because your work is actually posting on social media. If you are interested you can Apply Here

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How To Earn A Living Writing For Magazines & More – Your Writing Gig Source for Job Listings

So many people have asked me to feature some of the ways that I make money.  This has inspired me to start featuring online income sources each week on my website along with helpful tips and tools for entrepreneurs.

Back in 2010, I lost a position that was my main source of income due to a company acquisition.  In this time I found having my online sources of income were invaluable to me.   I realized the importance of having multiple streams of income.  During this time my parents became ill and I found myself wanting to be there to help them. I could not have done this with a traditional job. I was able to spend the last year with my Mother before she passed away from stage 4 cancer. While going through all of this a large portion of my income was from sourcing and selling on Amazon and eBay. I have been an eBay merchant for nineteen years.  I learned a huge lesson in all of this in that I needed to find ways of making the income in a way that allowed me to be mobile.  I began sourcing and shipping totally via FBA for both eBay and Amazon tweaking and making my business more mobile.   I spent the following years researching and trying different things while focusing on changing my income streams in a way to allow me to be totally mobile based.  This allows me to earn while taking care of family, traveling and doing things that I love. I have also worked a short time as a remote employee with Amazon.  The offer came after being invited on a special tour of their warehouse facility. I was so amazed at how things are shipped and I even got to see my inventory bin.  I love Amazon and what it has provided for me as a merchant and wanted to learn all about the other side of Amazon! I have a whole lifetime of knowledge that I want to share with you.   Today I want to share information about freelance writing. If you are passionate about writing you can earn income online as a freelance writer.

Many people like to blog and that is a great way to earn income. Additionally, many people are earning income writing for others. There are multiple places online to find writing jobs. I would like to save you some valuable time in featuring a service that is a great resource for high paying writing jobs and they offer a wealth of reference material.  I am all about saving time and by joining a Membership Website you do just that. You can benefit by having the research already done for you and you will find trusted resources, getting paid by this company without having any commissions taken out of the income earned.  All with the convenience of having them offered in one place. Today I am featuring a company that has been rated the #1 website for offering some of the highest paying writing gigs.  Having a writing career allows you to have the convenience of working at home or while traveling. Wherever you may be in the world, you can earn cash by working online.


They have a great deal that they are offering today that will be the perfect way for you to get started with your writing career.  I have a quick disclaimer that I earn a small portion of the membership for sharing this opportunity with you and I thank you in advance for the support of using my links.

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You will find offers writing for blog sites, ebooks, books, websites, and magazines.  Here is my special link to this offer Writing JOBS  CLICK HERE

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Don’t worry if you missed the sale. By using my link right now you will be offered a 7-Day Trial which allows you to try out the Premium Membership for just $27 $1! This is a great time for you to get a look at the opportunities available to you by having this membership. There is no contract; you may cancel anytime with their easy one-click cancellation.  Hurry before this opportunity ends. Use my Special link for you here.  Click Here for this offer



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This is EXACTLY how much Youtube paid Him for a 10 MILLION + views VIRAL VIDEO!

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I find myself watching Youtube for my entertainment. I canceled cable years ago and never looked back. I enjoy my youtube subscriptions daily and it is free!

Have you ever wondered if people can make a real income by posting videos? Wonder no more. You can make residual income from one video. Do you ever wonder why people post so many videos on youtube about any topic that you could ever imagine? It is because you earn daily residual income from each video. Now that adds up to some mega cash. Many Youtube stars are millionaires.

I am sharing a great example of this in the featured video below. Digital income is the way of the future. If you have not started then decide on the method that you are most passionate about and go for it. Every single person on this earth should be making digital residual income.  If you have a Youtube channel please share the link below to get new subscribers!  If you have a favorite Youtube channel that you enjoy, I would love for you to share this with us by posting a link below.

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