We all know how we feel after spending time around negative people.


They are draining and very unpleasant to be around. Just last night I noticed a person posting negative comments about a product that someone posted in a group in the comment section.  Not sure what they thought would be attractive about this technique unless they thought it would make their own product look superior.  The sad thing is that they did just the opposite. Negative people attract Negative people and things into their life. Positive people will attract positive things and people in their lives.  This also goes for prosperity. So needless to say this person is probably sinking financially. Even worse they must be miserable. Don’t get the “Negative Nellie” label.

Promise me that you will join me in becoming aware of any negative thoughts of comments that we may have through the day. Each time you have one of those thoughts, focus on something you are grateful for. Visit a place that makes you feel positive, Listen to happy music, listen to motivation audio and take your mind in the positive direction. If you feel the need to correct someone, always  focus on presenting it in a positive constructive way and offer suggestions instead.

road map to treasure my vision from God 2 years ago

I had a vision a couple of years ago. In this vision my thoughts were being programmed into a gps and the vehicle was driving me toward my dreams. I picture this in my mind very often and smile saying, Thank you God!

Sharing a positive thought for you below. Enjoy!

Could Your Client Engagement Skills Use a Sense of Humor?

Brands are using humor as one of their client engagement skills. Have you noticed that some of the best online marketers are using humor and funny videos to build their brand? Take note because this works! You don’t have to be a comedian but you do need to lighten up.   I am sharing a great post from, American Express today to give you ideas.

Source: Could Your Client Engagement Skills Use a Sense of Humor?

Time is Money! Amazon can help!

amazon services

Would it help to have your home cleaned during the holidays? Would it be nice to have someone  assemble the toys and furniture that you purchased as presents? Did you know that Amazon can help you with that?


If you know me, you know how much I love Amazon. Having an amazon account through the years has enhanced my life in many ways. Amazon has provided income as a merchant, but it has also saved me money and time in so many ways.  I could talk for days on this topic, but this post is about a feature that they offer that many people are not even aware.

A couple of years back, I ordered a set of tires on amazon. When I put them in the cart I noticed that they offered the service of having these installed by one of their certified local service providers.  I was able to choose the garage nearest to my home,  compare reviews, and compare prices.

I think this is so awesome in so many ways.  Being able to view feedback was so important for me. As a female it was nice to be able to feel confident that I would not be overcharged and I knew upfront how much it cost and paid for this service through amazon. This puts the power back to where it should be in that I am hiring someone to do a service for me and I needed to ensure that they are trustworthy and would do a good job. Having paid for this service through amazon, I knew I was covered by their awesome customer satisfaction guarantee and the provider would want to keep their good rating to continue with amazon. It was a great service for me.  So save your valuable time and look into the many services that they offer today.  Do me a favor and share your experience of using services here by posting a comment.

Happy shopping!

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Dedicated to entrepreneurs and small business owners:

Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs | Small Business Startup Community: Founded in 2007 and now boasting more than 18,000 members, this group aims to facilitate discussion and idea-sharing among entrepreneurs all over the world.

A Startup Specialists Group – Online Network for Entrepreneurs and Startups: With just under 240,000 members, this group is one of the largest moderated LinkedIn communities for startups, founders, mentors, investors and small business experts.

Entrepreneurs Meet Investors: Whether you’re looking for funding to start a business or grow your existing company, this group could help. It has a network of more than 6,000 entrepreneurs and investors.

Band of Entrepreneurs: This group describes itself as “a nonprofit organization of, by and for entrepreneurs,” and it provides support on topics like legal help, human resources, public relations, technology and more. The group has more than 22,000 members.

Digital Marketing: This group is just a small number short of 1,000,000 members and is dedicated to the digital marketing landscape. It covers topics from mobile marketing and SEO to online PR, email marketing and more — all things that entrepreneurs need to know.

Entrepreneur’s Network: Founded in 2008, this group has more than 29,000 members. It’s dedicated to current and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to network and ask and answer questions.

Executive Suite: This group is all about connecting people at the executive level so they can share advice on leadership, decision-making and more. With over 300,000 members, there are plenty of connections just waiting to be made.

Future Trends: This group describes itself as a place to “connect with fellow trend hunters, corporate visionaries and future thinkers” in industries such as marketing, product development, brand management and more. The group has more than 400,000 members.

On Startups – The Community for Entrepreneurs: This group has almost 600,000 members, making it the largest entrepreneurial startup group on LinkedIn. It is dedicated to discussing marketing, financing, operations, hiring, and all other things small business.

Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network
: This group is dedicated to social entrepreneurs, and “[brings] together some of the world’s most accomplished visionary leaders and conscious business experts,” according to its profile. The group aims to empower social entrepreneurs, and has more than 16,000 members.

Social Media Marketing: With nearly 1,500,000 members this is the largest and most active open LinkedIn group dedicated to social media marketing, making it a great resource for entrepreneurs.

Women’s Network of Entrepreneurs: Dedicated to female entrepreneurs and women in business who want to build their networks and share resources, this group was founded in 2008 and has more than 17,000 members.

Leadership Think Tank: A good entrepreneur is also a good leader, and with more than 174,000 members, this group is a place for professionals to learn and discuss leadership concepts and practices.

For a larger list of LinkedIn groups for entrepreneurs visit here.

Hint: By entering ‘entrepreneur’ into the search bar on LinkedIn and at the time of this article, there are 2, 689 groups with term ‘entrepreneur’ showing. Check them out! They just may be your ticket to the connection(s) to grow your business. Enjoy the entrepreneurship life!

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